Humanities mistakes are but life,
Peace in harmony, war and strife.
Innerself to find, endeavours mankind,
Love thy nieghbour, hate alien kind.

Limited oil, coal, gas and ore,
Resources to use until no more.
God given gifts for me and you,
Trees and forests, habitats too.

Pollution, smog and radioactive waste,
Our children's legacy leaves a bad taste.
For three score and ten, we don't care,
Leaving behind our landscape bare.

Creatures are to human mind,
Little more than food in kind.
Extinct, the animals soon to be,
Negligence, through people to see.

Natures revelation of beauty for all,
Shows hedgerow, mountain, spring and fall.
Tundra wastes, death and desolation,
Man is cancer throughout creation.

Armageddon, the nuclear of today,
Leaders so wise, lands in affray.
Simplicity inself, a button to push,
Beautiful to see, termination of us.

Wonderous are, humans of fable,
Alien creatures, mind unstable.
Land and sea, in nature rule,
Ants now ancient, no man's fool.

By David A. Williamson.

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