South Elmsall Blue Route Trail


Begin in the car park next to the Library and the Fire Station, just off Barnsley Road; then go to the back of the car park and turn left - facing away from the Netto supermarket - onto a path leading to Little Lane and then turn right at the end of the path, to follow the lane to the railway bridge.

Cross the bridge onto the South Elmsall Curves Rail-side Footpath and then turn left to follow the track alongside the railway; keep walking until you reach Johnny's Common, then veer right at the fork down a stepped path; you will then be able to visit the pond or lagoon, which is used by locals for activities such as bird watching and fishing.

Turn right at the side of the pond, onto the path that leads up to the disused railway line and local beauty spot, which is teaming with wildlife; this has recently become a Nature Reserve.

Turn right when you reach the three sandstone boulders, a pylon will be on your left and then enjoy a leisurely stroll along this scenic route until you reach the A638 Doncaster / Wakefield road.

At the roundabout, cross the road and take the path up to North Elmsall; this will give you the opportunity to visit this beautiful unspoilt hamlet type village.

Go back onto the Doncaster Road and cross at the Elmsall Kennels sign to go straight across onto an old road, which leads to Back Lane, turn left at the T junction, this leads to Minsthorpe Lane.

Turn left along the lane to see the old hamlet of Minsthorpe, which is no more than a collection of farms and cottages.

Turn right at the traffic lights and go down Minsthorpe Lane, passing the community college opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1967.

Cross the road soon after the school entrance and cut across open park land; this leads to a small stream called Hague Hall Beck, a haven for wildlife in a sea of playing fields.

Cross the bridge which takes you over the railway line and turn left, then go 20 metres further on, turn right down a ginnel and keep right until you emerge back at the car park.

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