South Elmsall Red Route Trail


Begin in the car park next to the Library and Fire Station, just off Barnsley Road; leave the car park between the Library and the Netto supermarket, turning left onto Barnsley Road, to walk down the centre of the town.

Most of the buildings on Barnsley Road were build in the early 20th century, after the opening of the coal mining pit; however, the row of shops which includes the chemists, newsagents and Fenns, is an exception; these shops now stand where farm cottages originally stood.

The farm itself occupied the site of Fenns yard; these buildings pre-dated the opening of the colliery; looking above the shop windows you can still see the original uses of many of the buildings.

The South Elmsall market has been on its present site since 1927; however, before this time market stalls were sited in the area in front of the Foresters - the old 'Plough Inn'.

The cafe found across from the Foresters' car park was on Lowgate, one of the main streets in South Elmsall; between this street and Barnsley Road there is some evidence, that this was once the site of the village green.

Before reaching the bus station, turn left over the railway bridge onto High Street, which was the original centre of the village; you will notice that only a few buildings remain from before the start of this century; however, you will see a number of stone built cottages and houses which pre-date the colliery.

Passing the small shop at the top of the hill, you can now see scrap yards and small workshops on the right hand side; this is the site of the old lime industry, records of which are found to go back to the 17th century; proceed straight on and you will find the site of an old limestone quarry, which is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Having explored the site continue for 200 yards along the road and then turn right down a dirt track, known as Balk Lane; when you reach the junction of Balk Lane and Trough Lane turn right by the old ash tree.

You will pass by Quarry Farm and proceed along a lane until you reach some new housing; continue down Hacking Lane and cross over Chapel Lane to the track straight ahead; when you reach a concrete path follow it until you reach a bridge over the railway and proceed across.

Once across, turn right and follow the road past Railway Inn and over Elmsall Beck until you reach the Bus Station; pass through the Bus Station and cross over the crossing onto Doncaster Road and turn left to follow the main road for 600 yards.

Cross over the main road at the sign for Rowley Lane and proceed up the Lane until you see a public footpath sign, follow it by turning right; you will now be skirting alongside the old Frickley Colliery site; follow the path until you see the Frickley Football ground to your right and continue until you reach the allotments.

Turn right and pass through the playing fields until you reach Westfield Road; turn right and after 500 yards turn right again, following the signs for Frickley Football Club.

At the frontage of the club you will see some planted areas that were designed by some of the local
Schoolchildren; a mural has also been painted on the wall depicting the heritage of the club and the area.

Retrace your steps back to Westfield Road and turn right, when you reach Carlton Road turn left and proceed back to the library car park.

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