WWI Plane Mounted Machine Guns:

The Most Widely Used WWI Plane Mounted Machine Guns Were:

The lightweight, reliable Lewis .303 Caliber Machine Gun, designed by an American, but primarily produced in Great Britain:

The French Hotchkiss Portable MK1, which fed ammunition from a belt, or a 25 shot metal tray; used successfully early in the WWI, but proved too hard to reload in flight and was relegated to the trenches:

The Allies’ premier machine gun was the Vickers Model 1918, which fired 800 rounds per minute and when teamed with the Constantinesco hydraulic synchronizer, became the most lethal weapon in the air:

The German LMG .08/15, which was commonly called the Spandau after the town of its manufacture, was rigged to the early Fokker synchronizing gear and became the primary fix, forward firing gun on German fighters:

The air-cooled Parabellum MG13, so called for the code name of its manufacturer, was most often used by the observer in a two seater, who fired it from a flexible mount:

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