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Castleford is the largest of the "five towns" within the Wakefield Metropolitan District; it was a borough from 1955 until 1974, but as a result of local reorganisation it became part of the WMD; it stands on the ancient site of Lagentium or Legiolum, a Roman turf and timber fort, built to guard the river crossings and the vital road to the north.around the year 74, after the Romans defeated the Brigantes.

The fort was garrisoned for 24 years by the Roman army, to keep the Brigantes under control, but after peace was established the troops were moved up north, allowing the Anglo Saxons to occupy the area and rename the settlement Casterford (ford by the fort), which eventually evolved into the village of Castleford.

The Industrial Revolution in Castleford, which included pottery, coal mining, glass manufacture, chemicals and confectionary, had a huge impact on the area, turning it into a boom town; the 1801 population increased from just under a thousand to 14,143 within 90 years.

Castleford grew significantly during the 19th century, when collieries opened in Glasshoughton, Whitwood, Methley and Wheldale; the collieries provided employment from around 1868 right up until the last of them was closed in 1987.

Today Castleford has become a major regional destination with an award winning footbridge built across the River Aire, the Junction 32 Outlet Village and the nearby Xscape leisure complex, which includes a real ski slope; it has featured as the fictional town of "Denton" in ITV's A Touch of Frost, starring David Jason, using local businesses and staff as extras; it also boasts one of the district's most historic parks, Queens Park on Ferrybridge Road, built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Famous People: Henry Moore & Richard Stoker.

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