Howell Wood, South Kirkby.
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A family day out around Howell Wood in May 2001:

Howell Wood Country Park in South Kirkby dates back to the 1700's; it was planted mainly as a game reserve by William Marsden of Burntwood Nook, a small stone mansion on the hilltop about 1 mile away; at that time the surrounding land was farmed for arable crops and probably looked much as it does today.

Howell Wood is now a Country Park and woodland walk, with a peaceful atmosphere; it is open to the public all year round and a great place to walk the dog, have a picnic, or spend time enjoying the seasonal pleasures this wildlife filled woodland brings; it is located at the end of Burntwood Lane which is just off of Common Lane passing out of South Emsall and has a brown tourist sign on the side of the road.


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